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Customer Testimonials

  • "My brother and I inherited our parents house and neither one of us even lived in Houston.  After seeing it for the first time in many years, it was very clear we would need to spend plenty of money on all the needed repairs and the yard looked like a jungle.  Then we found out there were back taxes owed on the house and we knew we couldn't keep it.  We agreed on a price and Titan closed in about a week."

    George D

  • "We purchased a new house before our old house sold and it was on the market for over a year without a single offer.  With a recommendation from a family friend, we contacted Titan Home Buyers and didn't really know what to expect.  To our delight, they presented us with two different offers within 48 hours. The service they provided saved us from an bad situation. Thank you."

    Linda R

  • "I was a builder that ended up going out of business when the market turned south.  We had a house that was only half complete and I walked away from it three years ago.  After sitting on the market forever, Titan Home Buyers made us an acceptable offer and we were finally able to get it sold."

    Jeff G

  • "What a relief it was!  I was transferred at my company and had to be in another state in less than a month.  I was able to sell my townhouse to Titan without even putting it on the market and closed the sale before I left town.  They even structured it where I could stay there until the weekend I had to move.  I would recommend Titan to anyone who finds themselfs in my situation."

    Collin A

  • "My mother's house was vacant for years and we didn't know how to sell something that was so filthy. Titan purchased the home and the process was so easy."

    Alyssa T